Mother Quotes for Various Situations

When a child is born, the doctor hands the parent a wonderful bundle of joy however; they never fork over an instruction manual with it. Being a parent can sometimes feel like you’re trying to put an engine together without any directions! It can be overwhelming. Many people opt to attend parenting classes to help them to deal with the various child development stages and behaviors associated with them. Parenting classes are a good source of support but mother quotes can help you too. It’s easy to use mother quotes to get you through any situation.

It’s Morning Already

To many parents, it seems like as soon as their heads hit the pillows, the alarm clock starts making its obnoxious buzzing noise! You can use mother quotes to help you get out of bed and start your day with a smile. Familiar quotes such as “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” or “Cherish every morning. It’s a blessing to be alive” can help you get your feet on the floor and a smile on your face!

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use mother quotes to help you get out of bed and start your day with a smile.

That Midday Mess

Many people claim that pets are messy but there isn’t anything in the world messier than a child! The house could look as pristine as a five star hotel when a parent goes to bed at night but by the time noon rolls around, the house can look like a tornado ravaged it. There aren’t any parenting classes in the world that can prepare you for the cleanup. You can use mother quotes to help you stay sane while cleaning the mess. “My house is perfectly clean beneath this pile of toys” and “If I didn’t have to run around picking up after my kids, I’d get no exercise at all” seem to be favorites of many parents.

The Dinnertime Dilemma

Dinnertime is supposed to be a relaxing time when a family gathers together to enjoy their meals. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Lots of Moms use mother quotes to help them deal with hectic mealtimes. Sayings such as “Here’s the food I cooked for you, someday soon you’ll be cooking too”, “I made this meal to keep you healthy, I wouldn’t do it if I were wealthy” or “My family loves it when I cook and me, I don’t complain, the food is better when it’s made with hatred and disdain” are comedic mother quotes that they won’t teach you in parenting classes but should. Sometimes dealing with stressful situations with humor is best!

Bedtime Fiasco

It is a known fact that kids hate bedtime. Even instructors at parenting classes state that children are most creative at bedtime. They can come up with the wackiest and zaniest reasons why they can’t go to sleep. Being a parent means that you’ll need to see through their antics and make them go to sleep. Some favorite mother quotes for bedtime include “Now please lie down and rest your head. Mom’s feet are tired and feel like lead. I am tired but you are not, Lord I need a break from this restless tot”, “Now I lay you down to sleep, My sanity I wish to keep, If I should die before you wake, Dad will have your bed to make” or “Close your eyes and go to sleep cause Mommy feels the need to weep”. Again, there are humorous ones that will put a smile on your face despite the hectic nature of preparing your kids for bed and actually getting them in there and above all else, to get them to go to sleep!


The Best Parenting Help Options

Every parent goes through times when they are at wits end and simply don’t know what to do when it comes to raising their children. Raising kids is the toughest job in the world but your job can be such much easier once you learn good parenting skills that are appropriate for the different child development stages. These suggestions should point you in the right direction for finding some really great parenting help options.

You Might Be Just Like Your Parents

Everyone seems to remember the bad choices that their parents have made but few remember the good parenting decisions they made. Sure, the “because I said so” answer wasn’t the best choice. You can learn from that. Think back to your own childhood and remember the things that drove you nuts as well as why they did so. It would be a safe bet to say that you s

parenting help

Get some solid parenting help from friends, especially if your children share the same child development stages

ay and do many of those same things. Sometimes you needn’t seek parenting help. Sometimes you simply need to look within yourself to find the things that bothered you as a kid and refrain from doing them. Good parenting skills are often the result of recognizing what worked when you were a kid and what created more issues.

Phone a Friend

You might be able to get some solid parenting help from friends, especially if your children share the same child development stages. More than likely, your kids are dealing with the same things so you can offer each other feedback on what worked for you and what didn’t. Camaraderie between friends will help you both improve your good parenting skills.

The Guidance Counselor

Your child’s guidance counselor at school can be a great asset for parenting help. Think about it! The guidance counselor deals with a variety of kids and parents day in and day out. He is trained in child behavior and thoroughly understands each of the child development stages. You should make an appointment with the counselor if you are having issues with your child or need suggestions for parenting him in the best possible way.

Contact Your Doctor

Your child’s Pediatrician can prove to be a great source for parenting help. More than likely he will have leaflets, magazines and other informational sources for you to read. Many physicians offer video rentals to their patients’ parents which can help them improve their good parenting skills. For more detailed advice on specific problems, make an appointment and discuss the issue with the doctor. He should be able to offer or point you in the right direction of finding the advice and solutions that you need to make your life easier and more pleasant.

Parenting Classes

All too many people think that parenting classes are a big waste of time and money. This is so untrue! Those seeking parenting help to improve their skills and raise their kids in the best way possible find the classes to be helpful, encouraging and effective. Oftentimes, there is a charge for parenting classes however; many facilities offering help for parents use a sliding scale to charge people. This means that those with higher income levels pay more than those with less income, making the parenting classes affordable for all.

Support Groups

Years ago, there weren’t any support groups for people seeking parenting help so they could raise their kids the best possible way. Fortunately, many areas offer support groups for people raising kids. The child needn’t have disabilities, special needs or issues. These are simply groups of parents discussing their day to day lives and seeking other parents’ input to assist them in finding solutions to their problems.

Parenting Help to Deal with Child Tantrums

Some children throw tantrum to show their disagreement, anger or frustration in response to a particular situation or decision, reaction of their parents. It is considered as a common behavioral trait to some extent. Many parents adopt either a dormant or a dominant approach for dealing with tantrums, but both these approaches can be harmful for your child’s healthy growth and development.

This parenting advice focuses on how to deal with tantrums in children:

Control your anger while dealing with child temper tantrums

You are apt to lose your temper in response to your child’s tantrum, it happens often and with most parents. It may evoke you to act stupid and commit mistakes, which is an inappropriate way to deal with child tantrums.

In such situations, you should tell your child, “though we are also not pleased with your anger or defiance; we are not treating you badly and giving you time and opportunity to bring improvement in your behavior.” A calm child can understand and learn things better.

Remember, in any condition children should never be deprived of love and care. A daily dose of affection and sense of belongingness is prescribed albeit with some strictness (only if required).

Never insult your child

Let your children express their feelings – pleasant or unpleasant. Don’t start punishing or criticizing straightway if they display indecent behavior that includes tantrums also. According to some research studies, insulting the children encourages negativity in them and they start to feel neglected and dejected leading to a rift in child parent relationships, which never heals.

Try to understand the fact that children tantrums are normal up to some age. Don’t make the things worse by overreacting or taking it too seriously.

Compliment and reward the desired behavior

Promise your child a chocolate and you will see him cleaning his room. Tempt your kid with a new video game and you will see him finding solace in books.

Rewards always work in childhood and the good habits developed in lieu of rewards accompany your child for rest of her life. Make sure you begin the reward system at an appropriate age. Don’t wait to the stage when he starts using other means like crying or throwing tantrums to meet his demands.

Parenting Help to Overcome Shyness

There are several children who are shy and take their own time to mingle with new people. Being a parent, you must never force your child into social situations which can have a bad impact on your child emotionally. Follow this parenting help guide to help your child overcome their shyness.
Parenting Help to Overcome Shyness
Many children are shy, and it takes time for them to warm up to people. There’s nothing wrong with that. This shouldn’t be a major issue. However, there are some kids who have deep seeded problems when it comes to meeting and speaking to new people. Making friends can be very difficult for them. By following these easy parenting tips, you can help your child overcome his or her shyness.
Acknowledge That Your Child Is Shy
Avoiding the fact that your child is shy is in no way a good thing to do. It can be hard for some parents to accept that the bubbly and fun loving kid they have at home turns into a sullen child when out in public. Accepting that your child needs to become a bit more outgoing is the first step in gaining the parenting help that you need for your child’s well-being.
Don’t Force the Issue
Many people believe that children outgrow being shy. This simply is not the truth.  Others try to push the child into social situations which can actually do more harm than good. Forcing the child into stressful situations can damage your child emotionally. It can also put a strain on the trust in child-parent relationships.
Children who are shy and have been forced into stressful social situations have the potential to experience physical symptoms as well. They can hyperventilate, shake uncontrollably, have a rapid heart rate and even pass out completely. The best parenting help tip is that you should never force the child into situations that make him uncomfortable.
Encourage, Don’t Discourage
For those needing parenting help for shy kids, it is essential that you remember to never make the child feel bad about his shyness. Most shy children are very sensitive, and their feelings can be hurt quite easily. This can create long term self-esteem problems and irrevocably damage child-parent relationships.
Encourage your child to play outdoors on the front lawn or at the park. It’s best if you are out there with him or her. Playing ball, Frisbee or even jumping rope will expose your child to new people. He or she doesn’t need to speak to anyone, but the child will become more and more comfortable with new people being around them.
Go To the Park
Oftentimes, children will play in the park even if they are shy. Although they rarely speak to the other kids, they are still interacting by waiting in line for the slide or sitting next to someone on the swings. This small bit of interaction should eventually turn into speaking to other kids.
You should bring your child to the park regularly. Many parents do so, and your child will begin to recognize the other kids. This constant interaction, though minimal, can help your child overcome his shyness.
When All Else Fails
Being a parent means that sometimes you need to talk to a professional. Professional family therapists can provide you with the precise parenting help that you need for your child’s shyness issue.
Family therapists can also suggest ways for you to strengthen your child-parent relationships while improving your child’s social skills. Although your child’s social skills are important, there is nothing more important than maintaining happy and healthy child-parent relationships. By following the parenting help tips in this article, you can help your child to overcome his shyness by being a parent who wants their child to succeed in life.