Have Fun Raising Children

Too many parents think that being a parent means that they can’t have fun with their kids. Nothing is further from the truth! Parenting kids could and should be a fun experience. Your life shouldn’t revolve around “do this”, “don’t do that”, “no”, or “stop that”. Of course, your kids still need to have a strong parent to help teach them right from wrong, dangerous and safe as well as good and bad but there should also be fun in your child parent relations too. Children tend to drown out negative comments, if they occur too often. Kids are more apt to listen to their parents if they can actually enjoy spending time with them.

Game Night

Unless your kids are teenagers, Game Night does not mean Monday Night Football on the TV. Experts on raising children believe that families that have a weekly family Game Night are much closer and function more compatibly. The board games should be chosen according to the ages of the kids. You can’t expect an 8 year old to match his wits with a teenager at Scrabble. Game Night should be fun and fair. This bonding time makes parenting kids much easier because the children are more relaxed with their parents.

Parenting kids is easier if you let yourself have fun and enjoy spending time with them

They say that easy things are like a walk in the park so taking your kids there should make it easier when you are raising children. The park is a fun place and a great place to get some exercise. Most have playgrounds but there are some that have petting zoos, softball fields, tennis courts and horseshoe pits. If none of those activities are appealing to your family, grab a Frisbee or a ball and just go play! Parenting kids is easier if you let yourself have fun and enjoy spending time with them. Young parents tend to utilize their local park’s facilities more often than older parents. Feel young again and play at the park!

Scavenger Hunts

There isn’t a kid in the world that doesn’t love scavenger hunts. Whether you are raising children in the city or parenting kids in a rural setting, the whole family will have a blast on a scavenger hunt. Simply give each family member a list of items to locate and take a walk. The rule is that the family must stay together but try to find an item fitting the clue first. Of course, smaller kids will need help so teams are allowed. Whoever has located the most items first, wins.

Bowling Bonanza

raising children

Being creative with camping is a great way to have fun with your family

Many families enjoy spending time together at the bowling alley. Bowling helps people raising children teach hand-eye coordination as well as math skills. A lot of young parents sign up for parent and child leagues. They often get to meet and befriend people parenting kids around the same age as their own. This could lead to play dates and lasting friendships.

Creative Camping

More and more parents are raising children to be aware of, respect and enjoy our natural world. Being creative with camping is a great way to have fun with your family. You needn’t be Grizzly Adams to be raising children to love the outdoors. In fact, you needn’t live in a rural area either. You can simply pitch a tent in the yard, lay out a few sleeping bags and enjoy. The kids can roast marshmallows on the grill, count the number of stars or you can tell what it was like to be parenting kids from your own parents’ perspectives. The key is to relax and have fun with your family. Remember, there are no cell phones, laptops or handheld video games while camping. Older parents might want to use an air mattress while younger ones might want to “rough it” by sleeping on the ground. The choice is yours as long as you spend the time together, all will be great!


2 thoughts on “Have Fun Raising Children

  1. I can’t imagine anyone thinking you can’t have fun with your kids. Of course you can, all the things you mention above and more. I run a weekly linky all about outdoor fun with your kids called Country Kids, there are plenty more great ideas to check out there if you get a chance too and please do join in.

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