Raising children to demonstrate genuinely caring behavior

Raising children to care about themselves and others is something every sane parent wants to do.

We don’t just want our children to demonstrate proper behavior toward others because of the rules or because they fear punishment if they don’t.

Few things please a parent more than observing a child demonstrating caring treatment of others, including animals and plants.

Loving child behavior, though, cannot be forced. But it CAN be taught.

The word “education” does not mean to give knowledge, lessons or exercises.  It means to draw out knowledge or ability from the student.

Raising children to demonstrate genuinely caring behavior is a process of honoring, supporting, nurturing and drawing out the child’s potential for loving self-conduct.

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4 Effective Practices to Help Your Child Concentrate

Does your child find it difficult to concentrate while doing his home work? Does your child show  expressions of sleepiness when he is asked to concentrate on studying?

Your child may be suffering from poor concentration.

As children begin to develop curiosity about the world around them, they try to find the cause and effect of the happenings that take place in their surroundings. They have so many new things to explore that it becomes difficult for them to concentrate on a repeated affair for a longer time.

As children tend to be distracted with every new piece of excitement and wonder that comes their way, its your responsibility to help them concentrate on tasks that shape positive behavior in them.

parenting tips

Help your children in setting a daily routine and adhering to it.

Here’s some important parenting advice to help your child concentrates:

Set a routine

The habits developed in childhood stay forever. Help your children in setting a daily routine and adhering to it. Take care of factors like age and comfort of the child while setting routines so that he does not feel overburdened.

Make sure he follows a regular routine starting with waking up, having breakfast, going to school as well as play time, study time and dinner. Once he learns to stick to a routine, it will be easier for him to concentrate.

Provide favorable atmosphere

The home atmosphere plays a significant role in helping children concentrate in the tasks they are assigned with. For example, your child should not be exposed to any type of external sounds – TV, mobile phones or music – when she studies or does her homework. Don’t disturb her or call her while she completes her assignments.

It is a good practice to allocate reasonable time for a particular task and make sure your child adheres to it. It will instill wisdom in children and prevent their mind from being distracted towards other unproductive activities.

Encourage him for physical activity

swimming happy kids

A sound mind lives in a sound body

“A sound mind lives in a sound body”

Concentration is a state of healthy mind and body. Encourage your child to involve in physical exercise and other outdoor sports such as swimming, rugby, baseball, etc. It will help him stay active, healthy and mentally fit.

Provide proper nutrition

Children require complete nutrition for their healthy growth and development. Give them a diet rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and iron and other vital nutrients required for their normal growth. Make sure your child’s diet does not contain excess sugar or sugar substitutes as it may cause “hyper” behavior and mood swings.