Mother Quotes for Various Situations

When a child is born, the doctor hands the parent a wonderful bundle of joy however; they never fork over an instruction manual with it. Being a parent can sometimes feel like you’re trying to put an engine together without any directions! It can be overwhelming. Many people opt to attend parenting classes to help them to deal with the various child development stages and behaviors associated with them. Parenting classes are a good source of support but mother quotes can help you too. It’s easy to use mother quotes to get you through any situation.

It’s Morning Already

To many parents, it seems like as soon as their heads hit the pillows, the alarm clock starts making its obnoxious buzzing noise! You can use mother quotes to help you get out of bed and start your day with a smile. Familiar quotes such as “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” or “Cherish every morning. It’s a blessing to be alive” can help you get your feet on the floor and a smile on your face!

parenting kids

use mother quotes to help you get out of bed and start your day with a smile.

That Midday Mess

Many people claim that pets are messy but there isn’t anything in the world messier than a child! The house could look as pristine as a five star hotel when a parent goes to bed at night but by the time noon rolls around, the house can look like a tornado ravaged it. There aren’t any parenting classes in the world that can prepare you for the cleanup. You can use mother quotes to help you stay sane while cleaning the mess. “My house is perfectly clean beneath this pile of toys” and “If I didn’t have to run around picking up after my kids, I’d get no exercise at all” seem to be favorites of many parents.

The Dinnertime Dilemma

Dinnertime is supposed to be a relaxing time when a family gathers together to enjoy their meals. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Lots of Moms use mother quotes to help them deal with hectic mealtimes. Sayings such as “Here’s the food I cooked for you, someday soon you’ll be cooking too”, “I made this meal to keep you healthy, I wouldn’t do it if I were wealthy” or “My family loves it when I cook and me, I don’t complain, the food is better when it’s made with hatred and disdain” are comedic mother quotes that they won’t teach you in parenting classes but should. Sometimes dealing with stressful situations with humor is best!

Bedtime Fiasco

It is a known fact that kids hate bedtime. Even instructors at parenting classes state that children are most creative at bedtime. They can come up with the wackiest and zaniest reasons why they can’t go to sleep. Being a parent means that you’ll need to see through their antics and make them go to sleep. Some favorite mother quotes for bedtime include “Now please lie down and rest your head. Mom’s feet are tired and feel like lead. I am tired but you are not, Lord I need a break from this restless tot”, “Now I lay you down to sleep, My sanity I wish to keep, If I should die before you wake, Dad will have your bed to make” or “Close your eyes and go to sleep cause Mommy feels the need to weep”. Again, there are humorous ones that will put a smile on your face despite the hectic nature of preparing your kids for bed and actually getting them in there and above all else, to get them to go to sleep!


The Best Parenting Help Options

Every parent goes through times when they are at wits end and simply don’t know what to do when it comes to raising their children. Raising kids is the toughest job in the world but your job can be such much easier once you learn good parenting skills that are appropriate for the different child development stages. These suggestions should point you in the right direction for finding some really great parenting help options.

You Might Be Just Like Your Parents

Everyone seems to remember the bad choices that their parents have made but few remember the good parenting decisions they made. Sure, the “because I said so” answer wasn’t the best choice. You can learn from that. Think back to your own childhood and remember the things that drove you nuts as well as why they did so. It would be a safe bet to say that you s

parenting help

Get some solid parenting help from friends, especially if your children share the same child development stages

ay and do many of those same things. Sometimes you needn’t seek parenting help. Sometimes you simply need to look within yourself to find the things that bothered you as a kid and refrain from doing them. Good parenting skills are often the result of recognizing what worked when you were a kid and what created more issues.

Phone a Friend

You might be able to get some solid parenting help from friends, especially if your children share the same child development stages. More than likely, your kids are dealing with the same things so you can offer each other feedback on what worked for you and what didn’t. Camaraderie between friends will help you both improve your good parenting skills.

The Guidance Counselor

Your child’s guidance counselor at school can be a great asset for parenting help. Think about it! The guidance counselor deals with a variety of kids and parents day in and day out. He is trained in child behavior and thoroughly understands each of the child development stages. You should make an appointment with the counselor if you are having issues with your child or need suggestions for parenting him in the best possible way.

Contact Your Doctor

Your child’s Pediatrician can prove to be a great source for parenting help. More than likely he will have leaflets, magazines and other informational sources for you to read. Many physicians offer video rentals to their patients’ parents which can help them improve their good parenting skills. For more detailed advice on specific problems, make an appointment and discuss the issue with the doctor. He should be able to offer or point you in the right direction of finding the advice and solutions that you need to make your life easier and more pleasant.

Parenting Classes

All too many people think that parenting classes are a big waste of time and money. This is so untrue! Those seeking parenting help to improve their skills and raise their kids in the best way possible find the classes to be helpful, encouraging and effective. Oftentimes, there is a charge for parenting classes however; many facilities offering help for parents use a sliding scale to charge people. This means that those with higher income levels pay more than those with less income, making the parenting classes affordable for all.

Support Groups

Years ago, there weren’t any support groups for people seeking parenting help so they could raise their kids the best possible way. Fortunately, many areas offer support groups for people raising kids. The child needn’t have disabilities, special needs or issues. These are simply groups of parents discussing their day to day lives and seeking other parents’ input to assist them in finding solutions to their problems.

Have Fun Raising Children

Too many parents think that being a parent means that they can’t have fun with their kids. Nothing is further from the truth! Parenting kids could and should be a fun experience. Your life shouldn’t revolve around “do this”, “don’t do that”, “no”, or “stop that”. Of course, your kids still need to have a strong parent to help teach them right from wrong, dangerous and safe as well as good and bad but there should also be fun in your child parent relations too. Children tend to drown out negative comments, if they occur too often. Kids are more apt to listen to their parents if they can actually enjoy spending time with them.

Game Night

Unless your kids are teenagers, Game Night does not mean Monday Night Football on the TV. Experts on raising children believe that families that have a weekly family Game Night are much closer and function more compatibly. The board games should be chosen according to the ages of the kids. You can’t expect an 8 year old to match his wits with a teenager at Scrabble. Game Night should be fun and fair. This bonding time makes parenting kids much easier because the children are more relaxed with their parents.

Parenting kids is easier if you let yourself have fun and enjoy spending time with them

They say that easy things are like a walk in the park so taking your kids there should make it easier when you are raising children. The park is a fun place and a great place to get some exercise. Most have playgrounds but there are some that have petting zoos, softball fields, tennis courts and horseshoe pits. If none of those activities are appealing to your family, grab a Frisbee or a ball and just go play! Parenting kids is easier if you let yourself have fun and enjoy spending time with them. Young parents tend to utilize their local park’s facilities more often than older parents. Feel young again and play at the park!

Scavenger Hunts

There isn’t a kid in the world that doesn’t love scavenger hunts. Whether you are raising children in the city or parenting kids in a rural setting, the whole family will have a blast on a scavenger hunt. Simply give each family member a list of items to locate and take a walk. The rule is that the family must stay together but try to find an item fitting the clue first. Of course, smaller kids will need help so teams are allowed. Whoever has located the most items first, wins.

Bowling Bonanza

raising children

Being creative with camping is a great way to have fun with your family

Many families enjoy spending time together at the bowling alley. Bowling helps people raising children teach hand-eye coordination as well as math skills. A lot of young parents sign up for parent and child leagues. They often get to meet and befriend people parenting kids around the same age as their own. This could lead to play dates and lasting friendships.

Creative Camping

More and more parents are raising children to be aware of, respect and enjoy our natural world. Being creative with camping is a great way to have fun with your family. You needn’t be Grizzly Adams to be raising children to love the outdoors. In fact, you needn’t live in a rural area either. You can simply pitch a tent in the yard, lay out a few sleeping bags and enjoy. The kids can roast marshmallows on the grill, count the number of stars or you can tell what it was like to be parenting kids from your own parents’ perspectives. The key is to relax and have fun with your family. Remember, there are no cell phones, laptops or handheld video games while camping. Older parents might want to use an air mattress while younger ones might want to “rough it” by sleeping on the ground. The choice is yours as long as you spend the time together, all will be great!

Develop the child’s self-leadership power

Give your kids all the freedom to control themselves that you can, but not too much.  Giving them enough freedom to find their own way develops their sense of who they really are and what they really want to do.  This prepares them to be able to find their own authentic path to fulfillment and success in adulthood.

But of course, avoid giving kids too much responsibility for themselves.  You need to closely monitor your child to recognize when you need to intervene and establish boundaries.

Do not ask that your kids live up to your expectations. Let your kids be who they are, and your expectations will be in breathless pursuit. ~ Robert Brault

Do not ask that your kids live up to your expectations. Let your kids be who they are, and your expectations will be in breathless pursuit. ~ Robert Brault

If you give a child more freedom than he or she can responsibly handle, the child oversteps appropriate behavior boundaries and develops habitual behavior problems.

And when you do step in, avoid disciplining children using behaviors you don’t want them to copy, because nature programs children to imitate the behaviors that they witness and receive.

Our responsibility as parents is to prepare our children to intelligently and constructively handle NOT getting their way.  This means responding to not getting their way in a way that really works for them, in a way that helps them to get your way in time.

This amounts to teaching kids the wise leadership skill of accountability.

Here is how that skill works:  Rather than blowing their top and blaming others when they do not like what happens, wise leaders accept responsibility for recognizing what they have done that led to what is happening, and how they can change to improve their results.

Raising Children during Divorce

Raising children is a tough job in and of itself, but when the parents are going through a divorce this important job seems to become even harder. The parents understand why they both need and want to live separate lives but it is very difficult for a child to understand.

Kids tend to blame themselves when their parents split up. They feel unstable and confused as well. Divorce is stressful for kids too. You can use this help for parents advice to ensure that you are being a parent who is truly caring for your child’s psyche throughout the divorce.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

To an extent, you should be very honest with your kids about the divorce. Of course, they do not need details ofa sordid affair or addiction problem. Honesty is important while inspiring children to learn positive values.

Being a parent, you will need to make the changes as easy on your kids as possible

The easiest way to explain the impending divorce is by telling the kids that you and your spouse simply cannot live together anymore. You always must make them understand that they had nothing to do with your marital problems. They need to know that you both love them now and will always love them.

Never tell them that you no longer love your spouse. This will make the children believe that you could stop loving them as well. This is never a good thing and could spoil child parent relationships.

Change Can Be Scary

Everyone who has been raising children understands that change can be quite difficult for some children. Many kids get stressed out moving to a new classroom for a higher grade level so the change resulting from a divorce can be overwhelming.

Being a parent, you will need to make the changes as easy on your kids as possible You should consult your pediatrician and inform him of the divorce and your concerns for its effect on your kids. He will be able to offer some great help for parents’ information that will make the divorce more understandable for your kids. It is possible that he recommends you to take your children to a parenting counselor.

Prevent Possible Problems

Kids who are dealing with divorce often begin to have problems in school. Quite a few articles offering help for parents going through a divorce advice believe that the child’s teacher should be informed of the family situation. This knowledge will allow the teacher to watch for and understand any abnormal behavior and avert problems.

Your child’s guidance counselor may also be able to offer some parenting help as he has certainly dealt with many kids who have gone through stressful divorces

No Badmouthing Allowed

Just because you are raising children during this trying time does not give you the right to talk badly about their other parent. This behavior simply adds more stress for the child and makes him feel like he is being pulled apart. Remember, he loves both of you and if you badmouth your former spouse, the child will always resent you.

Still Two Parents

Even during a divorce, both of you are obligated to fulfill your duties of being a parent. The task of raising children belongs to both mother and father. The custodial parent should never disallow the other parent opportunities to maintain a close relationship with each other.

Authorities on raising children during divorce state that parents who deny their children access to the other will eventually be alienated by the kids later in life. It is healthy for the kids to grow up with two parents, even if they live separate lives.

Raising children to demonstrate genuinely caring behavior

Raising children to care about themselves and others is something every sane parent wants to do.

We don’t just want our children to demonstrate proper behavior toward others because of the rules or because they fear punishment if they don’t.

Few things please a parent more than observing a child demonstrating caring treatment of others, including animals and plants.

Loving child behavior, though, cannot be forced. But it CAN be taught.

The word “education” does not mean to give knowledge, lessons or exercises.  It means to draw out knowledge or ability from the student.

Raising children to demonstrate genuinely caring behavior is a process of honoring, supporting, nurturing and drawing out the child’s potential for loving self-conduct.

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