Mother Quotes for Various Situations

When a child is born, the doctor hands the parent a wonderful bundle of joy however; they never fork over an instruction manual with it. Being a parent can sometimes feel like you’re trying to put an engine together without any directions! It can be overwhelming. Many people opt to attend parenting classes to help them to deal with the various child development stages and behaviors associated with them. Parenting classes are a good source of support but mother quotes can help you too. It’s easy to use mother quotes to get you through any situation.

It’s Morning Already

To many parents, it seems like as soon as their heads hit the pillows, the alarm clock starts making its obnoxious buzzing noise! You can use mother quotes to help you get out of bed and start your day with a smile. Familiar quotes such as “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” or “Cherish every morning. It’s a blessing to be alive” can help you get your feet on the floor and a smile on your face!

parenting kids

use mother quotes to help you get out of bed and start your day with a smile.

That Midday Mess

Many people claim that pets are messy but there isn’t anything in the world messier than a child! The house could look as pristine as a five star hotel when a parent goes to bed at night but by the time noon rolls around, the house can look like a tornado ravaged it. There aren’t any parenting classes in the world that can prepare you for the cleanup. You can use mother quotes to help you stay sane while cleaning the mess. “My house is perfectly clean beneath this pile of toys” and “If I didn’t have to run around picking up after my kids, I’d get no exercise at all” seem to be favorites of many parents.

The Dinnertime Dilemma

Dinnertime is supposed to be a relaxing time when a family gathers together to enjoy their meals. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Lots of Moms use mother quotes to help them deal with hectic mealtimes. Sayings such as “Here’s the food I cooked for you, someday soon you’ll be cooking too”, “I made this meal to keep you healthy, I wouldn’t do it if I were wealthy” or “My family loves it when I cook and me, I don’t complain, the food is better when it’s made with hatred and disdain” are comedic mother quotes that they won’t teach you in parenting classes but should. Sometimes dealing with stressful situations with humor is best!

Bedtime Fiasco

It is a known fact that kids hate bedtime. Even instructors at parenting classes state that children are most creative at bedtime. They can come up with the wackiest and zaniest reasons why they can’t go to sleep. Being a parent means that you’ll need to see through their antics and make them go to sleep. Some favorite mother quotes for bedtime include “Now please lie down and rest your head. Mom’s feet are tired and feel like lead. I am tired but you are not, Lord I need a break from this restless tot”, “Now I lay you down to sleep, My sanity I wish to keep, If I should die before you wake, Dad will have your bed to make” or “Close your eyes and go to sleep cause Mommy feels the need to weep”. Again, there are humorous ones that will put a smile on your face despite the hectic nature of preparing your kids for bed and actually getting them in there and above all else, to get them to go to sleep!


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