Raising children to demonstrate genuinely caring behavior

Raising children to care about themselves and others is something every sane parent wants to do.

We don’t just want our children to demonstrate proper behavior toward others because of the rules or because they fear punishment if they don’t.

Few things please a parent more than observing a child demonstrating caring treatment of others, including animals and plants.

Loving child behavior, though, cannot be forced. But it CAN be taught.

The word “education” does not mean to give knowledge, lessons or exercises.  It means to draw out knowledge or ability from the student.

Raising children to demonstrate genuinely caring behavior is a process of honoring, supporting, nurturing and drawing out the child’s potential for loving self-conduct.

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Encourage Your Child For Fair Play

“Victory isn’t defined by wins or losses. It is defined by effort. If you can truthfully say, ‘I did the best I  could, I gave everything I had,’ then you’re a winner.”
Wolfgang Schadler

Whatever a child learns in his childhood, it leaves a permanent impression on his memory. The first lessons begin at home, from parents, by observing and following people who are in the immediate environment. Hence, parents need to be doubly careful when raising children on what kind of a home environment they are providing their children.

Every child has a natural inclination towards playing. Playing is the best way of learning and children can happily do this for hours. Playing is not only beneficial for the growth of children but it also provides an opportunity for the parents and teachers to induce positive child behavior.

positive child behavior

Playing is not only beneficial for the growth of children but it also provides an opportunity for the parents and teachers to induce positive child behavior.

As the child grows up, she learns to compete while participating in games. This is the most opportune time for parents to step in and motivate their children towards developing a sense of fair play.

Fair play is as important as the rules and skills in a game. It instills a sense of healthy competition in children that teaches them to accept failures gracefully, appreciate the winner open-heartedly, and not opt for any unfair means just for the sake of victory.

Here are some of the parenting tips to motivate children towards fair play:

Inspire But Don’t Push

Inspire your children to win but do not make it a mandate. Do not let your children realize that you are disappointed with their failure. Help them understand that willpower and the courage to participate is as important as a win.

Teach Them To Accept Failure Gracefully

Not everybody who participates can be a winner. A win is an outcome of so many different factors. If somebody loses today, it does not mean he can never win. Inspire your child to accept failures gracefully. Help your children develop the spirit to learn from previous mistakes and use these lessons to breakthrough to success in the future.

Never Try Unfair Means For His Win

Sometimes to make children win anyhow, parents resort to unfair means. This is critically harmful for your child’s development and growth. If the child gets into the habit of using unfair means, he will never grow as a fighter and survivor. He will learn to adopt unethical shortcuts as a road to success and will not realize or understand the value of hard work, discipline, and practice.

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Help your children learn about the importance of team spirit

 The Importance Of Team Work And Cooperation

Help your children learn about the importance of team spirit.

Inspirational videos that talk about goals, success, team spirit and motivation are a great tool for instilling the wisdom of achieving success through effort, dedication, self belief and fair means.